3 in 1 Events Launched by CEG

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Creative Entertainment Guild (CEG) hosted another show on Friday at Hotel L'Elysees in Salmiya. The venue has virtually become a launch pad for three events to be held this coming August; Pindot Digital Photography Exhibition (August 2), Talent Festival (August 22) and the Xtreme Showdown (August 29).

Excerpts from Kuwait Times - Filipino Panorama
Sunday 02,2008
Photos by Ben Garcia

During the night, the audience was treated to a colourful show with the participation of the talented and bombastic breakdance group that will be participating in the X3M Showdown 3-in-1 Event on August 29 at the Qadsiya Sports Club. THe B-Boy Dance group performed breathtaking routines and acrobats to the delight of the audience. The X3M Showdown organised by the Corporate and Multi Media Event Organization will aslo feature a DJ Competition and Sports Fashion Expo. CMMEO President Linus (Lino) Rosete invited the audience to watch the X3M Showdown 2-in-1 Event.

Equally talented performers, the Pilates G-Girls captivated the audience with their graceful dance captivated the audience with their graceful dance rendition while a duet of Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand entitled "Tell Him" was performed by Kay and Bernie, belting their hearts out. The PsyCrew all male dance group grooved on the dance floor as the audience clapped their hands. DJ Vako, one of Kuwait's best disc jockeys also brought down the house with his unique blend of music. More talented individuals and groups will showcase their craft in the upcoming Talents Festival organised by the Talents Unlimited Group on Aug 22 at the Fakhr Al-Deen Ballroom, Dawliah Complex, announced TUG President Rob Martinez.

The event hosted by Ricky Laxa was sponsored by Al Tajaz, Fakieh Bbq Chicken, Almar Geronimo, The Athlete's Foot, Sebamed, K-Climb, Nando's Peri Peri Restaurant, Romano's Macaroni Grill, Tariq & Norieta Sairat and ABS-CBN/TFC Middle East.

By Michelle Fe Santiago
Special to the Arab Times

L to R: BlisterSister, Fatum (BB. Pilipinas Kuwait 2008), 2 Pilates G-Girls, Labour Attache Leopoldo De Jesus, Fatum's Father?, Rob Martinez, I knew him as the Arifjan Dude, Ferdie Nadera. Sitting are the Pilates G-Girls and i'm guessing some of the CEG organizers.

L to R: B-Boys Dance Members, Lani of CMMEO, Kuya Lino of CMMEO, BlisterSister, Fatum. Sitting are the B-Boys dancers, the PsyCrew dance members, Pilates G-Girl.

Blues Clues!: The BlisterSister is one of the models for the Sports Fashion Expo for that X3M 3-in-1 Event. Go Sister Go! Hehehe!
I agree with Labor Attache Leopoldo De Jesus when he said that we don't need to import talents from Manila because we already have the best home grown talents here in Kuwait.

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