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I swear to God, this company just have the shittiest stupidest fucked up customer service in the whole country and that's saying a lot since this is Kuwait.

I'm a pushover, I don't get irritated and blow up at someone's face just like that but my mother is a different story. Showtime Kuwait has pushed our buttons so far and so hard we just want to cancel my subscriptions to them. They are lucky they have Fox News and we eat Fox News for breakfast.

To qoute my mother - "going to and dealing with Showtime Kuwait is like going through hell!"

What happened was when we got disconnected the first week of June, mama went to Marina Mall to pay for 3 months. They reconnected us but 48 hours later they disconnected us again. We called customer service who told us that they have sent a request to their office in Dubai but their supervisor won't be in until later that night but they will call and update us. Ok no problem. They did call the next day and that's when the problem began.

Dubai representative called and said that they disconnected us again because we allegedly did not pay the reconnection fee. WE DID, stupid. Of course my mother ranted on him but he further said that it's not his problem, it's our problem. SO MUCH FOR GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE huh?! I was in Marina at that time so I just went straight to that little booth they had and asked about it but they told us that they are just sales agent and all they can do is check the status and nothing else. They advised me to go to the main office at Farwaniya.

Mama went today and blew the whole building up. I wish. After being passed around, they finally told mama that they disconnected us because our contract is about to end in September. SHOWTIME people, listen to me, read this blog, WE ARE PAID UNTIL fucking SEPTEMBER WHICH MEANS WE ARE ENTITLED TO WATCH WHATEVER SHITTY RERUNS WE WANT IN YOUR CABLE NETWORK UNTIL THAT SAID MONTH! Kapish!?

Of course it did not go through their dense skull, that my mother gave up yelling and just paid another 6 months that way we have until the end of the year contract. Now they want us AGAIN PAY ANOTHER RECONNECTION fucking FEE!

It was them who disconnected us for a stupid reason now they want us to pay for their stupidity! The guy at the desk said it's their rule. Well I got news for you, YOUR COMPANY NEEDS TO RECONSTRUCT THEIR STUPID RULE. Period.

This time my mother really blew up the building.

For years we've been telling them to deduct whatever payment for the 3 subscriptions we have with them in our card. Yes 3, that's how huge their money grabbing skills are. They never did coz they said we have to go back every time the subscription is up and give them the account number. The same account number again and again and again for that 3 subscription.

Which reminds me, WE DO NOT HAVE SHOWNET FOR THE PAST 2 YEARS NOW! I have given you that little hardware you put in my desktop myself and signed numerous papers to discontinue your shitty service. I discontinued it for the stupid network service rendered but until now you people at Showtime still asks us for payment and we kept telling you it's been deactivated and there is no way in hell are we going to pay for that. Jezuz. Don't you have a system that actually works?!

Oh, your customer service people at your head office in Farwaniya? COMPLETELY USELESS, WORTHLESS, HOPELESS and a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME amongst other synonyms. Those people can drain every life in your body because everyone there knows only two things to say - "please go to the other counter because I don't know this" and/or " I don't understand this let me call this and that".

We never had this kind of problems with Orbit. When it's payment time, they just quietly deduct it to our card and when we transferred to our new house and we went to their office to inform them we were reproached and told by the Orbit people that we didn't have to go to their office, all we had to do was call them. Orbit people deserves a run on sentence and an applause, thank you very much.

SHOWTIME KUWAIT, please fucking please please please, GET YOUR FUCKING ACT/SYSTEM together!!!!!!!!


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