I Want More BAYO!!!!

12:30 AM

The BlisterSister and I (that's me below, promise. Hahaha) wants to wish everyone a
BlisterSister said that the photo and wish above is all she can give to the people in Kuwait that's fresh from the Philippines.

I, on the other hand, got KC Concepcion's BAYO product. Yipeeee.

"Bayo," an ilonggo term which means, "dress" in English was chosen by
the owners of the company since they are from Bacolod.
Bayo reflects a clean, classic image. Bayo caters to women who embody the laid-back, casual lifestyle who have preference for stylish yet classic apparel.
Bayo is a testament of what the Filipino can do in today's competitive environment. Bayo is proud of what it has achieved as a Filipino retailer and it expresses its full pride in being Filipino. This is what set the brand apart, its devotion to staying true to its roots as a Filipino brand. It has no pretensions on what the brand image is all about and rather keeps in tune with the brand's origin, which is still Filipino. Bayo revolves around who the Filipina truly is in all her
different facets and how she evolves with time but still maintaining her distinct cultural attributes.

Bayo's strength lies in its ability and skill to create classic and stylish apparel and keeping in tune with what its market demands. Its focus is centered on its products, making them of good quality at very affordable prices.
Bayo offers classic pieces of ready-to-wear apparel from blouses, tees, pants, jeans, skirts, accessories such as footwear, bags, jewelry and other merchandise, which can be easily be mixed and matched. Bayo aims to create a lifestyle for women by providing them with diverse range of products.
Bayo's corporate structure has a very casual environment as well as a friendly

When I first bought a fabulous office attire that I paired with BAYO bag, I wasn't hooked yet but the sizes, casual style, the comfortable cuts and the price makes it a perfect candidate for a second round of shopping spree.
What got me hooked are these:

Shirts that screams, I am proud of being a Filipina. I feel like a walking billboard for the beautiful Philippines. I horded half a dozen of those styles when I was there last Christmas and I asked family and friends who goes on vacation to get me something from BAYO as pasalubong when they get back.


Have a good night Kuwait. Let's pray for the dust to settle tomorrow and of course world peace.

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