Dili Maka Gwapa Ang Pulbos Sa Kuwait

2:25 PM

The most challenging part of my day this past couple of weeks is the act of going to work. With those crazy drivers on highway to hell highway 30, the dust and those crazy stupid drivers at highway to hell who doesn't care that they can barely see the road due to heavy sand storm. Sand storm and 160 KPH is a stressor to those who, like me, tried their flexibility at Yoga to get centered and not shoot at everyone that overtakes my ride.

These heavy sand storm that we've been getting has been predicted to last for 40 days by most reliable source on earth, the botherbrother.

The heavy dust are giving me pimples. Little zits I haven't had since puberty. Haaaaayyy. The milk creams, night creams, day creams, cleansing creams and all kinds of facial products one can get doesn't do it anymore. They still kept appearing on my face. I have a wedding to attend this weekend and the coronation night next week! Waaaaaahhh!!

I would give my arms and legs to have a Phytomer (Orchid Spa - Palms Hotel) or an Obagi (Images) facial right now.

One thing I love about working is that it gives me ample time to read all my favorite blog. I should be nominated as employee of the month because of that. Anyhoo, one of my good finds at reading blogs is this:

Conzace softgel capsule. I haven't been taking any multivitamins because I kept forgetting to take the MYRA - E that my mom kept buying in boxes from the Philippines. Shelling out my own moolah for this Conzace capsule is going to be my motivation to take it every morning.
According to Darra's blog, after taking Conzace for a year her face is just glowing. I need a little glow right now to glow my way out of this dust. Ngek.

I told my SisterBlister to go to Watsons, the asian counterpart of our Boots store here, and buy me Conzace as well as Sebo De Macho.
Sebo Macho is this cream that gets rid of scars. I have no idea what's in it but my mom, her mom and her mom's mom can attest to how effective it is.
The lesson here my friends is - LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHERS! Hehe. If I've only listened to her, I wouldn't have to endure these stress scars (they are called like that because when you're up there climbing towers you get scared so you scratch your knuckles), the dog bite, the scars from killer shoes as well as the sheera wax burn. Year 2007 wasn't really my skins year. We've tried Contractubex when I had a minor surgery but it's very expensive and basta I'm not satisfied with it lang.

BlisterSister FINALLY arrived and gave it to me the other day.

I've been taking Conzace (21 PHP a pop) for a couple of days now and together with the skin care products, the pimples are slowly dying. Yey! The scars are also lightening up after 2 days of Sebo De Macho (1 $ for a 2 container) although the label said that it works best on new scars, my old ones are also starting to disappear.

Wala lang.

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