Bloomfields Rocked The Night Away

3:05 PM

Their music got famous during my mother's era (shout out to my gorgeous mama who is apparently secretly reading my blog) but as the old man (who hailled from the ACDC era) said their kind of music is an all time hit because it is something that listeners can sing along and dance with.

Which is exactly what we did at the Al Dorra ballroom of the Hilton.

The program started late because we had to wait for very important people to arrive - Philippine Embassy esdatchu? Hehehe. Joke lang po.

It was alright though coz while waiting, we were serenaded by these two lovely ladies

She looks a like a sight to behold no?

While dinner was being served, we were being crooned by the lovely lady pictured above.

Finally, the VIP's arrived and the band started playing.What I found unique about this band is that all of the members sing! Not just for accompaniment (?) but they each get to sing a number.
They were very engaging by jumping up and down the stage, standing on the audience chair and even trying to make this audience singHe kept saying: No I don't know, No I still don't know, No sorry I still don't know. LOL

It wasn't your typical Filipino event coz truth be told aside from the organizers, the embassy people, us and the smattering of Pinoys from the sponsors desk, Filipino's were outnumbered by shall I say eerrr caucasians (?) and other middle eastern guests. According to the old man, the show was primarily a business venture, it was a way of getting this particular company's partners in a get together. True enough, according to the brochure left in our seats, there is a upcoming project in Subic Bay Philippines. The major key players are the investment companies who sponsored the concert. From what I can remember it involves a real estate development and the up and coming Diosdado Macapagal Airport in Subic. With the american military base presence in that place, I'll say it's a very sound project.

Anyhoo, back to the show.

They say - picture paints a thousand words, I say video shows them in megamillion pixels =D

I present to you, Bloomfields - Live In Kuwait!

They played Elvis Presley - the father of rock and roll, some Beatles, Beach Boys and a lot more I wasn't familiar with.

I end this post with the drummers show:

The Pinoy Mafia enjoyed the show a lot which reminds me to shout out a special thanks to Jerry Gratil and his team for being the gracious and accomodating organizers. It was fun partying with you. Good job guys!

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