Bb. and G. Pilipinas Kuwait '08 - Finale

3:33 PM

I am so "bangag" (high) right now.

The event last night was a success and the organizers deserve an accolade. Like Kuya Ricky said, the past 6 months wasn't easy for the organizers and especially for the contestants. Everything was well planned; from the stage presentation - think fashion week - to the show that Geneva Cruz and Chris Lawrence put on. Plus that gwapito model judge, Javier something hhhhhhmmm, I have to get back to you on that model's name when I am not bangag na.

It's disappointing to say though that despite the hype, there was no Pops Fernandez and JR the RnB singer. I was personally told that Pops got hosting engagement to some awards night and JR is in Australia. The people last night were grumbling and can only speculate because the crowd wasn't really offered an explanation.

I am proud to say though that we have a lot of SUSHAL and CHICA Filipinos last night ha. I've never seen a very well dressed Pinoy event in all my 4 years of freeloading here. Usually, the events are a smattering of other expats but last night every Pinay and Pinoy are so spiffy with their formal attires. Ahlavet!

I'd post photos of them if only I wasn't such a shy kid. Plus, taking photos using a Sony Ericsson's K80i phone of those Chica Filipinos is embarassing. Loads of people are using DSLR but you'd never see me lugging one coz it's just not possible to put in the purse! If you saw someone running without their high heels all over the place last night, that was me! Buwahahahaha.

The photos that I did manage to take will be posted later. I forgot my USB. That's what happens when one have to run out of the event at 2 a.m and then going to work at 7 a.m.

When I went home from Movenpick they were still at the top 3. Although, like Pacmans game, this one is also a no brainer. My bet will be on either Joanna or Fatma for the female category and Benj for the male. I have to call up Kuya Lino for better photos and the result. Me waves at Kuya Lino and friends =)

To all the 28 finalists of Binibini at Ginoong Pilipinas Kuwait '08, CONGRATULATIONS and YOU ALL DID A GREAT JOB!!!!!!

Last night are one of the many reasons why I AM PROUD TO BE A FILIPINO.

P.s.: The ARTS organizers are now accepting calls for the 2009 wannabe candidates. Call Uncle Thor.

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