Why I Love Kuwait

3:02 AM

Friends thought me crazy for wanting to live here in Kuwait and actually promoting the country.

The popular diasporas are that this country is arid, barren, boring, sandy, scary, dangerous and full of meanie people. Aside from sandy, I digress.

I am therefore going to tell you why I love this sandy country.

  1. Family Is Where The Home Is - Sans my 2 brothers, my whole family is here. By family I mean Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Nephew, the botherbrother, the old people, Aaron and coming soon my sister =D Since grade 5, I was living on my own that living here surrounded with all these people is like being a kid in heaven.
  2. Work Availability Equals Moolah - Kuwait Dinar has one of the highest monetary values and this country is expanding so rapidly that it never ran out of job availability from all genres. Work - Money - Future. Need I say more?
  3. Safe and Sound - Safety precautions is a must all the time no matter where you are in this world. Kuwait is no stranger for kidnappers, gang rapists and horrible working conditions topped with evil bosses. I am not disregarding nor do I want to simplify the gravity of the situation but that is not all that's happening here. A German friend once asked me if it's true that women get snatched off from the streets and am I scared in which I replied that "yes, it happens and no I'm not scared because I believe if you practice awareness such as knowing which place is not safe to go, not taking rides from just any taxi or strangers, knowing that dress code is there for a reason, locking your doors all the time and choosing your friends wisely can save your life not just here but around the world. What scares me shitless here is the highway of death called 40 and 30 and those reckless stupid drivers.
  4. Laid back lifestyle - This is the place where you are forced to have healthy recreation. Banned booze means party people go beach-y. Sun, sand and tan is the best way to go and it's only a slight exaggeration when I say the beach is just 10 minutes drive from anywhere here. There are also the health club mushrooms and sports enthusiasts. People sweating out the extra energy they weren't able to burn at work. Fishing and crabbing is the Pinoy's favorite past time. I've been with kabayan's who spends 12 hours out on the rocks baiting and waiting for that big catch. Traveling is also the way to burn out that energy and the money. Dubai is the popular destination as well as Bahrain and Thailand. Lastly for the sloths, such as I, high definition plasma TV’s and fast (?) internet access for surfing and blogging can be called living the life.
  5. Anthill Country - This is the best place to SAVE SAVE and SAVE! It doesn't apply to me though no thanks to the next reason but the lack of night life can make a bump in your bank account. My cousin's grandfather went here for a vacation and only after a month he wants to go home and when asked why he said that there's almost nobody at home in which we explained that unlike in the Philippines where people hang out, everyone here got work to pay bills. Work, go home, watch TV, eat dinner, get online, sleep, and wake up and again.... Who can't save with that life style? LOL
  6. Shopaholics Haven - All hail Al Shaya! Hahaha. I know. I know. Going to the malls is like looking at the same thing over and over again thanks to Al Shaya stores but hey we got H&M which is like a hundred points up against our sister shopaholics in Manila who I heard are complaining for not having this shopping haven there. The Philippines already got Mango, Zara, Debenhams and all that designer-I-can't-afford-it-in-my-lifetime stores - but what they don't have are 70% off sale every month in these retail havens and Centerpoint.
  7. Food! Glorious Food! - Name it - you can probably find and eat it here. Japanese, Thai, Indian, Filipino, Western, TexMex, Arabic, Chinese, Italian, I can go on and on and on and on but of course I can't remember it all anymore =p
  8. Diversity Is Prosperity - Everyday I meet people of different race, culture, genre and I have to say that it is a challenge and takes a huge part of one self to be able to understand, accept, aware, respect and embrace the uniqueness of each and every one. There's no better place to practice that than be in a country whose citizens are outnumbered by expatriates.
  9. I wanted this to reach up to 10 but this is extremely long and a tad boring now…
  10. So I’ll just update this as soon as I think of something more therefore I leave you with my last convincing remark….

I am going to get old in the warm bosom of the Philippines and in the end I'd never replace it but there is absolutely no reason not to love this country where I live now.

Live, love, laugh people!

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