Letter To The Editor

2:31 AM

Dear Sir,

I read with amazement the article in Kuwait Times on Saturday May 24, 2008 entitled "gays: Study blames female teachers". A specialized team has finalized a study of homosexuality in Kuwait linking homosexuality with the fact that the Ministry of Education employed female teachers in primary schools. I must say I am just as amazed by this report as a previous article in Al-Watan daily on Thursday March 27, 2008 by Dr. Bar Al - Shabbani from Kuwait University linking "uranium in the atmosphere" to homosexuality in Kuwait.

I believe both articles belong to the category "Fiction". I challenge the esteemed work team to substantiate their claims. I furthermore enquire the qualification of each and everyone on this team engaged in the school and their findings. The study further adds insult to injury by fantasizing that maids contribute to the phenomenon. If every child who has been taught by a female teacher and raised with the help of maid will turn to be homosexual, there will not be a straight child left in Kuwait.

I suggest to put time and money to better use by coming up with a syllabus program to teach our children about sex. How to better understand their bodies and the changes that happen to it when they grow. How to not make them afraid to ask questions concerning "where babies come from". Society and communities can also help by discussing these concerns with school openly.

Many well advanced societies and experts tried to ask the question why some children are gay and all failed to pinpoint the reason. But instead of concentrating on this issue, it is better to accept that homosexuals and gays exists everywhere and we need to accept variety in our society and learn to be tolerant.

Sheikha Muneerah Al-Sabah
Source: Kuwait Times

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