Jade and Janet Live In Kuwait - Day 1

4:05 AM

"Gurl we are so blessed. Couple of years ago this is just a dream and now it's all happening and I have yet to catch my breath" - My friend Jade in Kuwait Tower.

Jade is one of my bestest friends since 2nd year high school and Janet since college - these two are Industrial Engineers who worked in one of the biggest signage makers in the UAE. Upon their success, they were able to sponsor and bring in 15 more of their classmates to work in different engineering companies in UAE all in the span of less than a year. They are my success story.

For my birthday, they decided to visit me here in Kuwait for a weekend and them being here beats all the birthday bashes I had the past 4 years.

Since they are Engineers, visa did not pose a problem because of the GCC resident visa upon arrival clause. I picked them up at midnight drove them straight at my Aunt's house where we fed them Sirloin steaks and Potato salads. Then I took them home where they had me unwrap my gifts from Pers Lab and them and a whole night of "chikahan" ensued after that.

The next day I took them to Aqua Park where unfortunately photos aren't allowed so I can't show you how brave I was to take this crazy ass slide.

Oh okay. Don't tell the big man that yells at everyone inside who got a camera phone that we took snapshots.

Below is my friend Jade trembling at the idea of going down the kiddie slide. She actually inteviewed the life guard about the accident statistics and after 10 minutes up there she went down - by the stairs.

No I did not play in the water slides because just like my friend Jade, I am a scaredy cat like dut. See I tried it couple of years ago when my sister was here and I did not develop a taste for it thank you very much :D

Aerial view of Aqua Park taken from Kuwait revolving towers.

After swimming we were supposed to either try the Go Kart or the Paint ball but since they will only be here for a couple of days what is the best way to see Kuwait is by climbing 100 something floors up of Kuwait towers to have a 360 degrees view of Kuwait City.

It's also educational as well as cultural due to the various photos scattered around the tower during the gulf war.

Sweeping view of Kuwait Gulf.

We were deadbeat afterwards that when we attempted to walk towards Mishref International Fair from my house for a Go Kart run we apparently got lost and arrived in a place where genuine imitation designer bags are for sale. Yey!

It was an absolutely fun great day.

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