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Half of the year is almost up and I have to say that despite the bum status, I have attained most of my New Years resolution.

I met new friends. People who are actually my age that I don't have to spend rolling my eyes upwards the whole time I'm with them. We clicked instantly that we had sleep overs, karaoke nights and even do our grocery shopping together.

Old friends from Dubai also came over for my birthday. Unfortunately for them they arrive on the moving day therefore they had to help out pack my junk while I play Spider Solitaire at work. They wanted to sight see Kuwait but despite the popular belief that there's nothing much to see here in Kuwait, 3 days 2 nights aren't enough. Stories on later posts.

I can't count how many houses I've lived in on this 20 plus years of my life. I stopped counting at 30 when I was 15 years old. That's about 2 house a year. The longest I lived in was, surprise surprise, in Mishref. We stayed there for almost 4 years and I have to say I loved that house. The carribean feel of the white walls, the verandas, the colored tiles, my sliding door that leads towards the veranda and the pool. I miss the swimming pool even if I don't swim everyday. Just staring and the thought of being near the water calms me. It's also the only place where I am not scared to jog or walk my dogs because it's so quiet and a really good neighborhood. The 20 minutes ride anywhere in Kuwait is also a big loss. The cheap genuine imitations (according to the Indian sellers) that we get to haggle at Kuwait International Fair will also be missed.

I had to stop going to the gym since we moved because going to the gym means an hour worth of car ride. No, I don't live in the middle of the desert but it's close enough. My mother loves this place though and that's what's important because if she's happy- everybody's happy. Hehehe. I have yet to acquaint myself with the neighborhood but I already know I won't be walking around the block any time soon. I will have to trade walking with riding the desert motor bike which I was informed that it's called a "Daraja". Thank you so much Pers Lab.

Going around Kuwait for furniture hunting from the ridiculously expensive to the amazingly cheap and surprsing find doesn't feel like a chore. It feels like a treat to shopaholics such as I. Four in the family doesn't have work now and those four hit the Sears and the stores around Farwaniya twice a week for bargain hunts with gusto.

I worked for a good 15 days last month before I quit. It was a good 15 days though. I got trained by the Germans, laughed with the Canadians, learned magic tricks from Ukrainians and worked with Filipinos. In all my years here in Kuwait, it's my first time to work with Filipinos and I have to tell you that it's a weird experience. There is also a huge lesson in resigning for the first time.

Before that stint I had to job hunt. I hate job hunting although I love dressing up for interviews. I had to decline almost all of them due to the salary package. I am not picky but working as an Executive Secretary for the company's CEO and will only receive 230 KD is just plain ridiculous especially if you are expected to be available all the time for his whims. In one of my interviews, a Financial Officer told me that I should accept the salary because I won't be working much just a little filing there and a little typing here. I needed stimulation that's why I accepted the out of this world if you know me you'd never thought I'd do it kind of job. Like in a dating stage, it was fun while it lasted.

Bumming isn't that bad if you have friends, siblings and botherbrother supplying you with TV series such as Criminal Minds season 1 to 3, House season 3 and 4, Dexter season 1 and 2, L Word season 4, Hero book 2, CSI Miami season 1 to 3, CSI Las Vegas season 1, CSI NY season 1 to 3 and Rome season 1. I am not done yet coz I want Gossip Girl and Sex and The City series just to even out my homicidal thoughts with the hormonal shopaholic twin.

I am very lucky and thankful for this life I am living that is why I can't wait for my sister to arrive and share this bliss with me sometime next month. She's supposed to be here a month ago but no thanks to the medical system in the Philippines my 17 years old sister is left in Manila all alone to process her papers. I am going to hold off screaming unpleasantries to that medical clinic until she arrives here.

This is an update laced with a hope for a more regular one but hey I'm bumming! =D

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