Wanted: Movers!!!

7:12 PM

Couple of weeks from now we are scheduled to move our nest to a place near bondi the beach.

Everyone knows, who tried moving here in Kuwait, that Lorries can costs so much not because of the per trip charge but because of the damages the labors can incurr. When we first move 3 years ago, our leather sofa got torn and the wood furnitures got scratches all over.

That is why this time, we opted to call the professional movers. The only company we know who does this is Al Ghanim.

A representative came to our house and did measurements and estimated that for the big and fragile stuff we will need 2 trucks which will costs us 240 KD including labor, packaging tapes and bubble wraps. It's a tad expensive but if we consider the cost of repair if ever non professionals will haul our stuff, we deemed it to be just about right.
One would think everything's settled right?


I called Al Ghanim again today just to re-confirm and make sure everything's settled only to be informed that all moving operations here in Kuwait are cancelled. CANCELLED. Kaput.

Pffft. Fine.

I did not bother to ask for the reason because quite frankly there was no point.

Now, good people of Kuwait, do you happen to know another professional movers here in Kuwait? If so, please email me! ASAP.

I might just invite you to our house warming party =D

Thank you.

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