Photos from Fridays 30 Minute Thunder Storm

12:52 AM

I received the photos below through email.

It depicts how a sudden change in weather even only for half an hour affects the whole country.

I had no idea it was this bad. I know last Friday's wind was fierce on my way to the gym and when I finished burning calories I noticed that our newly waxed car is now covered with mud and the pavements are all wet. I remember thinking it as a nice change from the sand storm and heat.

Until I saw these.

Hail in Salmiya/ Sharq!

Thunderstorms by the sea side.

Run dude. Run!

I was told by a taxi driver that cars, lorries and even metal cielings were either toppled down or blown away by the wind at Salmiya.

Party buster.

A little trivia: Do you know that a Palm Tree costs almost as high as 300 KD a piece? Pfft.

It's strewn all over Kuwait like mushrooms. Just show's how rich this country is don't you think?

The last flood I saw here was way back December 2004.

I've been wanting to see Hail throughout my years here in Kuwait to no avail. Look! It's almost snow like.

I cannot confirm if all of the photos above were really taken last Friday. Nevertheless, I just want to put it here to show people how devastating a little rain and thunder storm can be.

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