Kuwait's Having A Great Day

5:10 AM

That's why the little guy drove us out for a spin around the gulf.

He took us along Salwa coz it's been awhile since we had a clean fresh crisp air and it's a plus to be inhaling the salty clean fresh crispy air from the sea.
We got excited when we saw that it was low tide. Well actually they got excited, over the idea of picking up clams and crabs from the sea rocks, I didn't coz I wouldn't know the difference between a stone and a dirty old clam. If only Spongebob doesn't live so far as the rock bottom.
It's a great day for brisk walking but they chose to have the most rigorous exercise that is catching clams.
By their standards, loads of it.
It was fun staying out in the sun, inhaling that dust less air, running with the kids and discovering that 100 fils ice cream sandwhich can give you the high as much as the next Vicodin.
We saw a lot of family having picnic by the sea side or along the road under the shade of palm trees and on top of uber green grass complete with griller, occasional RV's and screaming kids.

It was a fun day and I wish Kuwait weather stays like this all year long. If it does, I probably will get the hype and join the clamming. First lesson is to remember to wear the right outfit next time.

Get out there Kuwait and enjoy the sun. Don't forget the sunblock!

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