Kabayan Hotel Is Loved By This Kabayan

9:46 PM

On my last vacation, I wanted to be at the smack of the Metro so I looked for affordable yet comfortable hotel. Most of the cheap ass hotels in Manila looks like motels and it's really not an option.

Thankfully, my aunt recommended this certain place who caters to OFW's and their budget.

Kabayan Hotelat Pasay proved to be a great find.

First I surfed their website and found out that they actually have 3 sites. They have branches in Pasay, Cubao and Caloocan.

I chose the Pasay branch for the sole reason that it was near Mall of Asia =D

Booking with them was very easy coz all I had to do is choose the room, put in the dates that I'll be staying and pay 10% reservation fee. The last one was kind of a hassle but 10% of 30$ a day isn't really that bad for a deluxe room, free breakfast and airport pick up.

I was greeted with this at the lobby.

The check in counter with the frazzled staff. They are really accomodating and the slow service was understandable because they are outnumbered by the balikbayans.

I loved the wood and native design that was accentuated with christmas decorations. The lobby was so busy the only time it was deserted like this was at dawn.

The restaurant where you get free Filipino style breakfast. The food is good for those who was really deprived of pinoy style cooking. And I mean it literally. I only partake of the free breakfast once and I got to say I was not impressed. But then again, for a low price, it's good.

The Pasay branch on my first stay there gave me a room at their old wing. I got a green room with huge bed, a bar and a bath tub.

On my second stay there, yes I went back for a stop over on my flight out of the Philippines, they put me in the new wing which I like better compared to the former.

The new wing hallway.
My DeLuxe room in the new wing. This room got a more homey and relaxing feeling compared to the green room.

The room was clean and the bed was comfortable enough. Closets are huge and the bar is packed. Room service is actually slow and needed a lot of patience that's why if you can enjoy the Metro and eat/drink out, do so.

The business center is also located at the new wing where you can surf the net or just lounge on the plush chairs and read the paper.

For a budget conscious traveller, Kabayan Hotel is a haven. I highly recommend it to all Kabayan's who wants to be comfortable staying in the big city without ruining their budget.

It's clean, it's comfortable and most importantly it's cheap. What more can you ask for? Go na.

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