Happy Easter Egg Heads!

4:21 AM

Thank you for the sponsors for the wonderful and yummy chocolate rabbits.
Teatro of Hilton Hotel made a good spread for an Easter brunch.
The kids loved the chocolate fountain. That's all they ate. We let them coz hey it's easter!

Mudra wants to buy the fondue making set so she could dip her very own bunny favorite things in there and obtain thousands of calories.

We wanted to bring home these gigantic eggs and the staff did promised to give it to us when they're done with it. We're still waiting for the delivery guys! =D

Teatro had much nicer spread the past years compared to this. They used to have fancy designs and a lot more choices. Am not complaining though coz I had a really great day because by the end of it all, it's not much of the food intake but more on the fun you had with the people you spent it with.

This year they had Magic Shows which my adorable cousins love. We saw milk coming out from the kids ear, sword going through their neck, plain bond paper turning into 20 KD. Tricks that we oldies can see plainly but the kids was so amazed and I loved listening to their oooohhhsss and aahhhhhhss especially from helpers who loved the show even more than the kids. They also had face painting and balloons that can be shaped into whatever they want booth.

The day ends with the egg hunting game where my poor cousins did not win anything despite the fact that they got an inside tip on where the eggs were. They can't win against over eager mother's who ran down other people's kids so that theirs could win. It was all good fun though and my own little kids still got gifts from the sweet staff.

It was a beautiful day.

So again, thank you for the sponsors and for the Teatro stuff for a really the spread and excllent customer service.

Hope you had a great Easter Sunday Kuwait!

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