Kiss The Aw Goodbye

6:56 PM

He was such a rock even when they were taking his small kidney away.

All he said was "AW" when they were putting his catheter in.

He's been in the hospital for couple of weeks now and he has been sick since he was born.

This will be hopefully his last operation.

Please, Kuwait, pray for his nurses and doctors to have a good day and clear mind so that he will be given the best of care at Sabah Hospital.

He has been through a lot in all his 2 years. The monthly check ups, the bi yearly surgeries, the antibiotics and peeing from his stomach is a lot for a 2 years old.

May he have a swift recovery so that he will grow up and conquer the world.

In the mean time, I want to thank all the staff from the pediatrics ward of Al Babtain (Sabah Hospital) staff for the attention and care and for the Lord above for making his last operation today a success.

Thank you.

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