It Can't Get Any More Scarlet Than This

6:14 AM

I read in the local newpaper that Valentines and any kind of celebration and paraphernalias regarding today was proposed to be banned in this country.

Oh well, I was invited to a Singles Night anyway.

Where I plan to get high on toxic combination of apple and mint shisha :)
For this day is blot out and reserved for a very special guy.

The unconditional and drooling love he gives is enough to chase the melancholy and over commercialism of Valentines away.

I love this kid into tiny million little pieces.

He took me out in his stroller and we had a good time playing with the dogs and eating Cerelac.

This tops one of my best Valentines day yet.

P.S.: Thank you for the cake oh great sahi. It's not only beautiful it taste marvelous too!

I'm just sorry you were not booked to be my Valentino this year.

Happy Valentines everyone!

It doesn't matter if you're single double or quadruple, as long as you have love in your heart the whole wide world is yours for the taking. Spend it cuddling w/ a lover, spend it over buffet with friends, spend it with family or you can even spend it alone having that much coveted rose scented bubble bath gobbling up pralines and cream flavored ice cream from Baskin and Robbins.

Everyone should embrace this day of giving love and romance not only today but everyday. Right?


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