Doggie Chronicles

7:13 PM

Dear Kuwait,

It's a pleasure for me to introduce to all of you the newest members of our family.

Andre "The Giant" Rat

Goldie "The Princess B" Locks
These two are like Balto's reincarnate. Only split in two breeds.
Goldie got the playful spitfire side and Andre got the "i'm so cute you can't punish me eventhough I did something bad" side. Aside from that, they each have their own personalities not to mention they are absolutely huggable and adorable.

Earlier this month, we found Brandi, the German Shepherd, almost dying in the desert. We decided to adopt her and she fits right in with the two. Despite her size, she is actually a meek and gentle dog. Just don't let her see any cats coz she can definitely drag you around while chasing them.
The pug's name is Rico but he's my aunts.

Have I mentioned before that we don't really like dogs? I mean, I literally grew up without seeing any dogs from my mother's side. Although my father's side is a different story. They used to breed dogs and delights in their Rottweiller and German Shepherds. My cousin still sports the scar in his face when he got devoured by the Rotweiller.
Ok, enough of the great story.
I'm saying all that because on my last vacation, which felt like eons ago, I was shocked to see not one but 4 dogs waiting for me. Not counting the "askals" or stray dogs that my Grandfather delights in collecting.

These two are my brother's puppies. I forgot their breed but I know wherever my brother goes they go. I cannot make myself get attached to them because they keep jumping on me whenever I lay down on my brothers bed.
This is, uhm, I forgot :( hehehe. It doesn't matter he's technically not really ours but my aunts but he stays in the family compound. All I know is that he's huge for a one year old and that I would never dare go near him.

This Dalmatian is also, technically, not ours as she belongs to that market vendor who owes my grandfather some moolah but conveniently forgot to pay. My grandfather being a retired bully decided that it's pay back time so he went to the vendors house and took this beauty. Not before he beats the heck out of the guy. Grandpa is serial. Children, do not try this at home.

There you go Kuwait. Now you've met the new family members. Soon they'll become stars in this blog of mine.
Dogs give out unconditional love to people, that's why they are called man's bestfriend. Let's try to be kind to animals. Not only to the four legged ones. Pun intended :)

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