A Day At DOLE Kalsangi

7:28 PM

During my vacation, a group of friends wanted to smell fresh air and get high get out of town and we ended up at Polomolok, a good 30 minutes from General Santos City.

Polomolok is the Dole capital of the south. Acres and acres of pineapple everywhere you look.

It was not my first time in Polomolok but it was my first time at Kalsangi. The Dole Club House was located there that is only accessible to those who works for Dole or connected to somebody who does that will vouch for your entrance at the guard house.

Needless to say we managed to coerced someone to let us in.

It was worth it because the spaghetti served at the club house was delicious! The fresh fruit drinks was divine. The club house sandwhich, well, more than we could chew.

The club house is surrounded by Pine trees and a golf course. The combination of both plus the acres of pineapple plantation made the breeze crispy cold and clean.Perfect for those who are lucky enough to live in those big old houses that is scattered around the place. I was told that only the bigwigs of Dole gets to live in those divine houses.

The whole ambiance was cold not freezing, fresh air that makes you want to laugh all the time and view that reminds you that the world is still beautiful despite all odds. This is close as I could get to Baguio.

After that quick trip, the gang decided to play cards and whoever looses takes a shot of this red wine.
Needless to say, nobody won.

Kalsangi is a place to go to when you want to appreciate the beauty of nature and the silence of the mountains. It was a favorite spot of a particular friend who was rumored to have taken 5 different women there on a date all in one day =D

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