This Commoner Got The Common Cold

1:09 PM

I've never been sickly ever since I could remember growing up in the Philippines. The only time I got hospitalized was because of a dog bite when I was in prep school and then during my last vacation.

Kuwait unfortunately changed that clean bill of health track record.

Ever since I arrived here in Kuwait 3 years ago my nose hasn't stopped running since, figuratively speaking. I arrived early winter morning and coming from a tropical humid country, the bite of cold air was a shock to the nervous system it made me sick for 3 months.

I get sick every winter ever since. The second year I developed severe upper respiratory infection that affected my throat so much I became a candidate to tonsillectomy. I hated needles but I had to go through 3 injections daily for a week in order to get rid of those pesky virus. The injections not only depleted my virus count it also depleted my wallet. German Clinic along Mahboula after all isn't so cheap at 35 KD per visit.

When I got sick last year, I didn't want my wallet to get sick too so I opened it and whipped out my health card. Yes, that health card that comes diligently with our Civil ID's. That card represents 1 KD worth of doctor's consultation plus medicines like the ones pictured below.
Right then and there, I said goodbye to 10 KD per consultation fee to my German Clinic doctor.

The Ministry Of Health did something right w/ this cheap CHEAP cheap health care for everyone. So far I haven't seen any evidence of the horror stories I've heard about the public hospitals here. My mother had appendectomy at Mubarakiya Hospital last year, aside from the horror of ward rooms and non english speaking sisters (nurses or practical nurses?), the experience was surreal and cheap! Her 3 days overnight stay including surgical, medicines and doctors charges all amounted to 2 KD only.

I am, as usual, digressing again.

We are talking about my malady this week after all. Although I do not wish to get sick, the 5 days break from work did me a lot of good. I tried to be a good girl last Thursday and went back to work only to be sent home again after an hour and being praised for such dedication.

There's nothing like camping out on my mother's couch watching TFC for 24 hours w/ these stash by my side that could cure me this fast.
Of course Panadol nights, Adol, Zyrtec and Augmentin knocks me out cold when the going gets tough and the tough keeps the mucus running.

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