Piss Off Trillanes.

3:46 AM

I thought you were beauty and brains. I guess I was wrong you're so idealistic it's eroding your common sense.

You are also an opportunist like everyone else out there on the Republic.

What's up with the 5 star hotels anyway? First Oakwood now Manila Peninsula? If you were such a big defender of the poor and so anti corruption why didn't you take your stand where the general masses can support you and say, make a stand on the top of smokey mountain? Or Rizal Park? Are you so self absorbed with your personal vendetta w/ Arroyo that you haven't even planned this thoroughly? Even Joseph Estrada so much as said what you did was stupid.

I allaud Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's guts for going shopping at the flea market couple of days after the mutiny. That little lady got steel. She went out there to show and assure the Filipino people that she got a firm hand on things and everything will be alright. I am not her supporter but really, who else is fit to rule our beloved Philippines? You Trillanes? What can you do? You can't even follow due process. You can't even get people to support you without the backing of your PMA brotherhood and deceiving others. You've committed a grave crime against our country. Treason is punishable by law and you commited that before you won as a Senator. You won because I have to admit your general grievances are valid and the general public got sold to your idealistic campaigns. Corruption is indeed rampant in the government. It has been that way for more than 20 years. But will ousting Gloria solve all that? I don't think so. In fact, I believe Gloria was the best thing that happened to our country since Marcos. The president's in between hasn't done anything except made inflation stronger and peso weaker. Gloria made good with her promise of making the peso stronger. 42PHP to 1$ is a big feat, thanks to OFW remittances. Although it would've done a lot of good if the prices of basic needs also goes down. But that's another issue which has been decided way before Gloria Arroyo's days.
Thailand would've been us. Look at Singapore, Malaysia and even Indonesia? We are getting way behind. If they are still considered 3rd world countries, the Philippines would be 4th world by now.

Mutinies and people power are getting old. People are getting smarter and tired of all this drama. In fact, majority of the people are annoyed and pissed with that stunt you pulled. Not only have you caused another reason for tourist not to go to our countries you've also irked investors, OFW's and people who with their daily life is actually doing something good for our country. You Trillanes, is causing much more damage with your futile attempt to fight for the very people that you wanted to help. I would've admired your courage if what happened wasn't so tragic.

They said, if you haven't voted - you have no right to rant about the government. True that. But this is my exception. This is also my blog and my papa would've been disappointed if his daughter whom he discusses politics with since she was a little girl wouldn't vent about it.

The media isn't helping either. I could understand that ratings is the name of the game when it comes to television but they could at least be less dramatic about it. If they weren't rounded off and there were fatalities, whose fault will it be? The government of course. Free press is a right but they should also not be in the middle of a military operation and if they were, they should be ready to the consequence. They were lucky they just got arrested.

All that drama demeans the whole reason of the coup de etat.


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