I'm Coming Home, It's Christmas Time!

1:14 PM

I can never reiterate how beautiful it is to be in the Philippines during Christmas.

A flight later today will transport me to Christmas heaven in just a matter of 12 hours.

I'm excited. So excited I haven't even packed yet. The butterflies in my stomach felt like a dead weight I can't move.

Last week was a deal or no deal moment since our company pulled a thriller on us and declared all vacation pending. Thankfully a certain red haired project manager was stubborn enough to fight for his staff now all 12 of us are flying out of this country today. "Boss, you deserve that E90 we have given you".

I have to get off this couch, stop blogging, stop watching Boy and Kris and get on w/ the show of packing, sprucing and gloating.


Happy holidays everyone!

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