I Say Give Them TV Sets!

4:30 PM

I learned at elementary school that FAMILY is the pillar of society.

Everything starts from within the family.

The breeding, the manners, the nurturing of a person from loving parents.

How can we ensure that the continuation of our society won't be jeopardize?

Well, I say give them Television sets.

Yes, the tube.

With television, couples will be couch potatoes they wouldn't even think of coupling.

I am always amazed whenever I see people living in the squatters or under the bridge who can't even eat 3 square meals a day w/ 6 children and another one on the way. The mother who's only 28 years old looks so bushed she doesn't even have dentures anymore. Why is that? When people in the middle and upper echelon have only as much as 4 kids.

I am guessing that actually having something to do creates a diversion to baby making.

Boredom and weariness creates babies. With a strong catholic foundation like the Philippines where condom and birth controls are condoned it breeds over population which is followed by poverty, maleducation, malnutrition and all that malls. Pffft.

Therefore I conclude, if everyone got at least 1 tv set per family w/ more than GMA and ABS CBN channels, people will not be so bored and get to bed early.

Television can be educational too, I remember practicing my english diction by following the MTV VJ's.

Of course, this is just a hypothesis and may not be applicable to all. I'm just saying. It might just work.

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