Gloria To The Rescue Of Marilou Ranario

12:30 AM

I first heard of Ms. Ranario, 2 years ago to date. It was during a ride w/ some embassy insiders on our way to a musical christmas caroling contest. I remembered hearing that when the embassy hired Kuwaiti lawyers and the government sent officials to represent the case, they have begged her to tell the truth which according to them should be not guilty. The evidence itself shows that a woman her size can't possibly be able to stab a 5 feet 10 standing woman.

Her family and other officials have begged her to retract the confession and tell the truth but time and time again she insists that she did in fact stabbed her employer after which she ran outside the house and screamed for help.

Nobody believed her because according to the investigation results, they were not alone in that house and there was some evidence that a man was present at that time too. Everyone's hypothesis was that Marilou was offered money by somebody to take on the crime. Her life in exchange for money for her family.

Now, I don't know if it's all just hearsay or if it's the truth, but that's what I heard the first time I encountered the name Marilou Ranario.

Two years later, Kuwait's high court of justice finally sentenced her to death. The inital offer for blood money was rejected but according to the news the victim's family have finally accepted it and have given Marilou's representatives a letter of forgiveness. The said letter was rumored to be brought and presented by Vice President of the Philippines Noli de Castro but watching TFC tonight, it was said that the President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo herself will arrive here in Kuwait tomorrow from London to present and appeal for Ranario's case to the Prince of Kuwait himself.

The blogging community have expressed different views which is an interesting read if not informative and helpful.

What's my take in this issue? It's really hard to say anything w/o sounding bias, seeming zealous or just down right hypocritical, even to myself, so I'd rather not say.

I just hope and pray in the name of God, that forgiveness and love of mankind prevails in all this turmoil.

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