Drama Series From The Philippines!

4:35 PM

Hello World,

I was abrupt with my earlier blog about going home to the Philippines. I was abrupt because for the longest time I planned and then had to refrain from more planning until I had to throw all the plans into the garbage and settled with one:

I am going tie loose ends and have fun during this festive season.

I've only been here for less than 48 hours but I already received a gift. A gift that I really do not want but I am thankful because I feel that this gift is what I absolutely needed. No matter how much it kills me, I have to be graceful about accepting it.

It's time to move on. Time to grow up. Time to spread some more love to the world.

I can't wait for the coming 3 weeks dose of this country.

Goodbye Laguna. Davao, here I come.

Laters World.

P.S.: travel log will resume its posting very soon.
P.P.S.: HAPPY EID AL-ADHA everyone!

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