When Is Thanksgiving This Year?

12:24 PM

I need to know because people wants to know when I'm going to up our Christmas tree.

Traditional Roasted Turkey (Photo from Google Images)

If I was in the Philippines, that will be a very silly question. Why? Because Filipinos are Homo Festivus by nature and we put up our trees once the BER months begins. Yes, back home our roads and houses starts to get lit up with lights, trees and parol (paper lantern) starting September. Even for a country that pine trees are not common, Christmas tree is an essential decor. To those who can't afford one, Christmas lights will do.
Most of the houses are tastefully lighted but there are quirky houses like the one above. (Photo from Google Images)
Parol (paper lanterns) lights up not only the homes but the streets and boulevards too. The bigger, the brighter, the better.

Christmas Tree along Araneta Avenue, Philippines (Photos from Google Images)
Why are we not doing the same here? I'm not exactly sure but maybe because I arrived here late autumn and then my mother went into a Christmas shopping frenzy. When I was young, we celebrate Christmas with her hand made decors, it was always something to look forward to. But since she left for abroad we never have a real Christmas. When I arrive here though, she figured that she can show me the sights of Kuwait by dragging me to and fro Salmiya, Farwaniya and Shuwaikh where all the home centers are located and Ikea used to be, to buy us that perfect tree for our first Christmas together away from the homeland. She wasn't wrong with her tour guide job though because that couple of weeks constantly on the road was the best way to see Kuwait. We've finished all the buying and decorating on the day after thanksgiving. The mess and squabbling that is decorating has become a tradition since then. Truth be told, it was my first ever Christmas tree that I helped all the way. It was my mother's first faux tree too. We were so shocked by that fact despite the years celebrating this holiday that we decided that every year, somebody who hasn't put up a real tree ever will do the honors.
After all that is what Christmas is all about, celebrating Jesus Christ through tradition, sharing and family time.
On my second Christmas here, my Aunt who used to be a part of the great Marafie household 8 years back and turned Spa therapist at present, decorated the tree and she was nagging but crying all the time. haha.

Last year we made the kids decorate the tree for us.It was a beautiful disaster. Something that we are unwilling to be repeated again, so this year we are going to hand over the great duty to the very capable hands of Emelyn, the greatest "kasambahay" in the world. She never had the chance of donning a tree ever because she was married to someone who did not believe in Christmas.

I guess I have to call and tell her to get the tree ready because as for that question above, I googled it and found out that it will be on the 22nd of this month as oppose to the 29th I put on my calendar. When people ask when we're going to put up our Christmas tree, I always answer the day after thanksgiving and when asked when is thanksgiving I say last Thursday of November. Which is apparently wrong according to Google. Thanksgiving falls on the 4th Thursday of November and if the 1st day of that month happen to be Thursday then you do the math or look at your calendar.

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