Fitness Professional Goes Retro

1:04 PM

To sound paimportant e *snigger* I want to say that I got a call from the organizer and he wants me to inform you guys out there that:

Fitness Professional 3rd (or was it 4th?) Anniversary will be
celebrated at Ritz Hotel Salmiya on November 23, Friday. Retro 70's outfit is a must.

Big wigs, flashy/gaudy jewelries, colorful shirts and pants and dress that looks like a disco should be the uniform for the night. If you arrive there claiming your face to be your costume you will undergo a dire consequence. You will have to perform on stage alone whether you dance, sing or mime. If you got stage fright then I highly advice you to rummage through your closet and donn your worst fashion victim look. Hehe, no offense to those who grew up in the 70's, blame my 70's fashion ideas on my tube education.

Nothing in life is free so the ticket will set you back at 9 KD including dinner.

For more information call Ricky Laxa. If you live in Kuwait and read Friday times you know him. If not, well sorry can't help you there. Haha. Or you can stand and freeze on the cold outside the Ritz on that night, you might chance upon scalpers who'll give you a chance to show your retro look to every good bodied professionals in Kuwait.

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