The Week Before Eid

4:32 PM

Was eventful and hella busy.

It started with the Gergian nights where mom and I scrambled to the nearest coop to buy chocolates for the neighborhing kids.
The ride to the coop was an adventure in itself as it's my first time to be in a car where my mother is actually driving. You can only imagine how scary that was.
The chocolates were a hit with the kids. A lot of them came in colorful and sparkly costumes dragging a chocolate laden full Sultan Center plastic bags and a nanny to boot.
I also had to say goodbye to Mr. P. that week as he's leaving Kuwait for good to a great life at down under.
I will miss Mr. P and seeing his friends every afternoon after work.
This daily routine in my life for the past couple of months has been an eye opener. One day, I would like to open my very own pre-school slash day care center too. I won't be the one taking good care of them kids, are you crazy?, I'll be the owner so I'll handle the management and cash flow part >:p

Of course we can't let them get away without a proper farewell dinner party. We took his mom (because Mr. P needs to sleep early) to one of Kuwait's' best kept secret best traditional Syrian restaurant called Villa Fayrouz. The place was named after a famous singer/actress (see the photo for her photos) in Syria. We were serenaded the whole night by her beautiful voice.
The place have indoor dining where the buffet is covered with white bougainvillea flowers which makes it more secluded and intimate. There's the road side, also indoor, for big group of people and then there's the court yard where you can smoke shisha. If conversations made inside are accentuated with Fayrouz melodic voice, the one's outside are accentuated with flowing water courtesy of the water fountain in the middle of the yard.
Villa Fayrouz serves sandwich brain and sandwich tongues for only 950 fils.
No kidding.
Being a traditional arabic restaurant we ordered Mutabbal, vine leaves in oil, lamb brain salad, Hommos, Mashawy Mshaklah, Chabdat Lham, Warag Anab, Ftossh, Kobt Bathnjan and Kharoof Mashsh Bl-Laban.

Now, don't ask me what is which because I have no idea and I only asked my friend to write those all down.

Although if people insists, all I can say is "ahh we order the following: that liver on top of a candle that tastes like pinoy adobo, that chicken on top of a rice that looks like beryani but people were aghast when I asked if it was therefore I conclude it wasn't, that rice with laban milk eeek amongst others and my very arabisque food Hammour fillet with fries!" Hahaha.
Seriously though, aside from Beryani and Koshary, I've never ventured to eat other arabic food until tonight. They made me eat everything I've mentioned above and because I don't like to be the party pooper I decided what the heck. Surprise, surprise! I loved each and every one of them. Oh, except for the one with laban milk, eeek, no laban milk for me thank you very much.

The place is a cool change compared to the usual gulf road restaurants or hotel restaurants. Go there and have fun! :)

During the middle of the week I found myself in Marina Hotel (behind Marina Crescent that is across the road of Marina Mall, whew! too much marina!) not only once but twice in a week.
The first time was unexpected. We were shopping, while waiting for the old man to finish his business meeting at the said hotel, when his boss invited us for a late Iftar.
So there I was with a pasted smile on my lips listening to the company honchos talk about that island that's going to be a free zone and how Oman is a must see for those fishing enthusiast. We didn't stay long because when it's 2 a.m and you're stomach is full you're bound to drift off the conversation and it can be pretty horrifying if you do that in front of the big bosses, so home we went.

The second time was the day before Eid. We went at Six Palms restaurant at the heart of Marina Hotel. I've been in this restaurant for lunch before and I love the high ceilings and I have to applaud the efforts for the hard work they did on the said high glass atrium.
The waiters costumes amused me to no end as, no offense to anyone who thinks it is, it reminds me of that haughty monkey in the movie Princess Sarah Ang Munting Prinsesa (litte princess).
Food was A ok. They taste like any other buffet style food in any other hotels so yeah it's just ok.
But oh, there's this fillet fish that was made to look like a cake that was absolutely delicious. Aside from that, everything is, like I said, okay.
These musicians was playing just behind me and they were game in smiling and posing for photos. Notice the wooden ship behind them, you'll see a lot of those in Marina.
Before and after dinner, people were hogging the shisha's. As I don't smoke, I'm not particularly fond of it and would only smoke them at Hilton. Because at Hilton you can get high and giggle yourself to death by the sea side and no one's the smarter :)
Shopping is not only the best therapy, it's also the absolute time killer.
But one particular night, shopping failed us and bored us to death. So while walking along Marina Crescent
We got curious about Color Me Mine. My mother actually said that the only time she will enter the said place is when she's absolutely bored and got nothing to do.
We end up spending more than we did for our retail therapy.
Even in the Philippines, where I would like to think this idea originated, I was never tempted to go inside a Color Me Mine place for the saddest fact in the world that I have no idea what to do in there.
Yes I know I'm supposed to paint a ceramic shape of my choice and therein lies the dilemma. I have no artistic talent whatsoever and never had any inclination that I'll ever be bestowed one. Which is really sad.
There I was gaping at my mother who was frantically brushing colors on her ceramic and looking dumb at the helper who kept asking me to choose my colors already.

It took me couple of hours to do all these.
Does the shoe looks familiar ladies? Ahehehe.

Yes that's right! That is Mac's eeerrr stuff angel container.
We were so excited with our work of arts that we actually got really disappointed when we're told that we can only take it home after 7 days. It's been 2 weeks and I haven't had time to take it yet. I hope it's still there though.

I ended my week before Eid at Friday Market. We drove there around 7 a.m but due to Ramadan they don't open until later that day. So we went to City Center and bought food and then proceeded to my aunt's house at Salmiya.
My uncle is fond of Friday Market, we don't know why as he rarely buys anything there.

Friday market or insert arabic name here, is located along Shuwaikh where cheap stuff can be bought.
Stuff like these copper wares and decorations here
Even your wedding gown can be bought here.
Friday market can be liken to a flea market. Actually it used to look like one but this past couple of years they built these buildings that made it easier for consumers and sellers to trade.
Out there you can buy appliances, furniture's, all kinds of garments/clothes, shoes and bags, heavy equipments and you can even buy animals there. I will warn you about buying pets there though as most of them are stolen and abused. PAWS, I heard, does the rescuing of the animals there.

It was very hot and the last day of Ramadan which made it even more hotter as I was all parched up. I got irritated and red with exhaustion because with our 2 hours of walking, my uncle only bought a meter of metal chain. Jeeez.

I like the Iranian market better that is just opposite the Friday market but that's for another blog entry.

Oh since we were already in Shuwaikh, we went around the place looking for cars for sale too. Somebody is getting a new car! Woohooo.

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