PacMan Ate The Barrel

7:19 PM

One of the fun things about being Pinoy in a foreign country is rooting for a "kababayan's" boxing fight being held at the other side of the world.

If I'm in the Philippines I wouldn't care less, much more watch the actual fight.
If I'm in the Philippines I would scoff at the fanaticism that has enveloped the whole nation when it comes to Manny Pacquiao.
If I'm in the Philippines I wouldn't personally call family and friends for a night of non alcoholic beer and wines gathering in front of the tube.

But I am not therefore I cared enough to watch from start to finish.
But I am not therefore I was actually excited and giddy over seeing Filipino actors and actresses, politicians and the big wigs of the Philippine economy.
But I am not therefore I called Orbit to order a 4 KD worth of pay per view, I called the whole clan and smattering of pinoy mafias to join my newly recruited boxing fan - my mother.

Being cold blooded Pinoy's, first, we criticized the national anthem singers. The Mexican singer did not do it well and we were laughing over the tequila lines. The American singer sung their anthem in a gospel choir way and it did not even bode well with our american guests.
Being cold blooded Pinoy's, we applauded before and after Kyla sung the Lupang Hinirang. Even the American guest's lauded her singing talent. I heart Kyla.

There were a couple of other fights before the main Pacquiao-Barrera event in the Mandalay Bay at Las Vegas.Of course it wouldn't be a Pinoy gathering without smattering of cuckoo gossip and do-you-know.

Like when I said Barerra was the one flashed all over the internet wearing stiletto heels and fishnet stockings. I was so adamant that it was him before somebody showed me Oscar Dela Hoya's drunken photos.
Like when my mom sleazily described Jinky's (Pacquiao's wife) billboard all over General Santos City.Like when my aunt exclaimed how pretty Jinky has become, big thanks to Belo's surgical expertise.
Like when eerrr - sorry, this is beginning to be a girly post instead of the hard core boxing review I intended it to be.

Anyway, after 4 gruelling years of anticipation and hype, the night has come and Pacquiao aired one of his songs for his entrance music.

Barerra on the other hand have his own personal cheerleader in a form of some long haired Mexican man who keeps shouting tequila.
These two have fought each other 4 years ago where Barerra lost. For this rematch, Barerra declared than win or lose he will retire.
Filipino spirit rules too!
The fight lasted up to the allotted 12 rounds, 3 minutes (I think) per round.
If I have to summarize the fight, I'll say it wasn't exciting as Pacquiao's last summer fight. I have seen better Pacquiao fights over the year. Both of them have tight defense and hard gut wrenching punches are rarely thrown.
I have not seen Barerra fight but in this one, I saw a lot of offense as well as defense that Pacquiao was having a hard time sizing him up.
For the first 3 rounds, no action can be seen from Pacquiao which gave my mom the right to shout at the tube over all the excitement.
For the middle rounds, Pacquiao did his fast combos and amazing foot works.
Near the end, Barerra got desperate enough to throw a foul punch on Pacquiao's head in which he lost 1 point.
12 rounds and 108 over 118 points ( I think) later, Manny Pacquiao wins!
Congratulations to Manny Pacquiao. Retaining the title not to mention another million to his already golden belt sure is a great price.

Now, if only somebody would teach him how to speak english. Proper english may be too hard to ask but at least somebody please teach him how to answer winning questions.
Let it be scripted. Let it be memorized. We don't care, we just don't want to say, DO'H, every time he says "confidence". Everything was gibberish and out of context except that word.

And I wouldn't be Pinay if I hadn't thrown that last remark :)

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