The Loot From Beyond!

6:41 PM

This is another girly indulgence post. My blog, my post, my stuff. Comprende? >:P

The latter was just for show coz really who seriously reads my blog? Look away in disgust if you must.

When the old people left for
for a couple of months, I was promised a huge amount of allowance pasalubong. You know that Filipino way of bringing back goodies from wherever they came from for the whole baranggay.

My old people was one of those kind and this time they were more than generous enough to bestow me a bag full of goodies.

My mother wasn't kidding when she said I'll be drooling over the accessories she's taking home for me.

Being a brat that I am, I pouted and said I'm not into accessories and all I want is an Ipod touch and a knee high suede flat boots for winter.

Her excuse was that fall/winter collection at that time wasn't out yet and what's on display are fugly. The Ipod touch is also not available on the market until end of September so I should be a good girl and get pacified with the antique accessories she brought home.

That shut me up and gawk at the goodies.

She wasn't kidding because I was absolutely mesmerized with them shiny things.
They got me weird scarves that will never feel the cold of winter coz I don't wear leopard nor flower prints.
The necklaces on the other hand though will be so well used they'll fall off before the end of this year. I swear.
I taunted my mother on the authenticity of these Calvin Klein and Fossil white shades as they did not came with the engraved label. I was told I'm a moron when it comes to fashion department so what do I know. People around me have this weird tendency to give me white shades. I am now a proud owner of half a dozen of them, not that I'm complaining :P

What I absolutely adore though were these
Some were just fashion jewellries but a smattering of those were real antiques from circa 1920's courtesy of my very chica grand mother.

This egg gold encasted ivory tops my favorite list.

These earrings, I was told, were never worn and was found in the Baul (old chest).

Most of these fashion rings will never get to feel the suppleness of my chubby hands as I am allergic to almost any metal that's not gold.

More chains
and pendants
I'm so happy the urge to buy the new touch phone vanished. See, I'm not an accessory buyer kind of gal so this will basically see me through another year as metals don't tend to fade with constant fashion change.

G-Unit bags were also thrown into the loot.
US of A, no matter what they say about it, is the greatest venue for retail therapy. Everything is 3 times less than here and got 5 times more choices than what's available anywhere else in the world. Oh okay, probably except China and Japan. Cheap. Cheap. Cheap retail therapy is the way to go. I swear I'm going there soon just to shop. Ha!

The old people also bought me a coffee book about
to see how beautiful the pre/post war era houses are. Think Scarlett O'Hara's plantation house in Gone With The Wind movie.

I'll have my chance to go there someday. I'm still young and will have a long way to go. I'm thinking not only the States but around the world. Right now I have my sights on local Middle Eastern countries like Jordan, Qatar and Oman.
I'm one big happy and placated kid. Thanks old people! Mwah! May you travel some more and be endowed with unlimited baggage allowance for the poor yet gorgeous daughter of yours :)

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