I want I want I want

4:13 AM

Oh I want to get away I want to fly away Yeah yeah yeah Oh I want to get away I want to fly away - Fly by Lenny Kravitz

I haven't blogged before and over the holidays for one reason only, I am physically and emotionally drained. Hello, drama queen!

It all started a week before eid and thank goodness it will all end albeit temporarily tonight. I am really looking forward for zonking out this weekend.

The stories will have to come later of course. Right now I'm just blabbing while waiting for people to get a move on and take me to the airport.
Nah, I'm not the one that's going. My mother is, to spank my siblings cute little behind assist and sort out stuff in the Philippines. I'm the one who's supposed to go in lieu to my extended Eid vacation. I didn't coz I lost the main reason why I'm going home. I had to give the ticket to my mom so as not to waste it.

I booked her on an Emirates flight and she was impressed on how fast online transactions can be. E-tickets and online confirmation are the way to go! She doesn't have to wait in line at the airport or to spend the whole day in Makati looking for the Emirates HQ just to reconfirm her Kuwait bound ticket. Isn't she lucky to have a smart daughter such as I? Bah. Sometimes I think I should get paid with all these travel transactions they make me do. Nyak.

Balto is very sick. He hasn't eaten for 7 days now. Since he was returned to us he hasn't eaten anything except drink his water. He normally eats the dry dog food but since he's not eating it we tried the wet ones to no avail. We tried people food such as chicken nuggets and bacon which he also snubbed. He won't even look at his raw hide bones as if the mere sight of it assaults his senses. We took him to Al Dohama'a Veterinary hospital at Friday market and the doc said he got food poisoning and as a result he's having a liver failure. We've been taking him in and out of the clinic for 6 days now. Our poor baby is enduring 3 shots and an IV drip everyday.
My heart was wrenched yesterday when he went under my mother's bed and cried for an hour. You know that self pitying howl. We cried when he cried. We don't know what else to do except take him to the doctor as instructed. I can feel his pain regarding his butt shots, it's the nastiest painful thing in the world. He can barely walk now and would cower under the car whenever I take him out coz he knows his going to the clinic. We love you Balto, please get well soon.

I crave for the beach, ice cold beer and sisig.
The wind on 8 a.m drive is starting to get cold. Like that Christmas air in Pinas. It's getting to me. It's getting to me real bad.

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