He Lights Up Our Otherwise Boring World

2:03 PM

This monster is turning 5 months in a few days but he weighs like he's 1 year old. Carrying 12 pounds or so in your arms for hours on end is no easy feat especially to a newbie "tita" (aunt) like me.

I digress.

Having a family with 30 first cousins on just one side of my parents and the eldest of a dozen youngsters on the other side gave me enough reason to cringe whenever I get near one. But Aaron broke the record by making me a doting tita and a willing slave to boot. I miss him whenever he's not around and I can't wait to go home from work whenever I know that he is. He's not the first nephew I had here in Kuwait but he's the first nephew I volunteered to baby sit for more than an hour. I had no qualms in taking care of him as he's the most adorable baby I've ever known. He rarely makes a fuss and he always smiles. At his age he can already sit on his own and knows how to turn away banana flavored Gerber by sticking his tongue out until the feeder gives up.

My mother declines shopping for herself (this is a stretch) but will jump to any opportunity to shop for him. I think he got more toys than Balto now.

To prove my adoration, you'll never guess this, I changed his wet nappy! And changed his clothes too! It felt such a big deal to me and I was overwhelmed with emotions. Not. But I was proud of myself nevertheless.

I have no doubt this kid will turn into a monster phase one day. Who didn't? We'll hope that it's not anytime soon as we love being with him. Sounds like a threat? Well yeah do'h.

One of the perks being a tita or a lola (grandma) is the freedom to return him where he belongs whenever he becomes too much trouble. Haha.

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