The Eid That Was

12:32 PM

We welcomed Eid at the Avenues, shopping, until 2 a.m.

We stopped to have frappucino's at Starbucks. Only in Avenues have I seen so many Starbucks in one place. I heart the gay guy at Starbucks. He's so funny my mother wants to get his number and invite him for a party to become a stand up comedian.

For years I've come to realize that Eid means only 2 things: food and family. It's the time where hard working people gets the much coveted day off to spend with the family and friends.

The next day we were invaded by the rest of the family looking for good food and jump at the pool.

What is Filipino gathering without pinoy food? Pinoy food is the best.

Calamares (deep fried squid)
Kilawin(raw fish in vinegar and ginger)
Deep Fried Tahong (Mussels)
And steaks for our foreign counterparts.

I found myself at a driving range on the second day of Eid. It was unanimously decided that it's about time for me to get a Kuwait's drivers license. One would ask how do I get around out here in the desert all this years. Well I got 2 magic words, Ocean Taxi! :P They are the most trustworthy and safe taxi service you can ever find here. Thanks to them I've never been on a bus eversince I came. Of course there's the obligatory family car pools but we all know when it comes to driving people around, family aren't the most reliable.

I've driven for a while before but one day anxiety attacked me so bad along highway 30, I stopped beside the road and called a taxi to take me home and the rented car. I've never driven again until now. I am more of a passenger than a driver. I am very contented being in the passenger seat. I couldn't be bothered with the stress and work that comes with driving and cars. I know a lot of great drivers and I admire their patience and quick wit on the road but I don't think it's for me.

But because living in Kuwait and taking a taxi daily to work isn't the most economical activity in the world, I was forced to take the aggravating lessons once again. My instructor was fun though, he kept teaching me Arabic words and I keep pretending I don't know what he's talking about. On the second hour of the first day until the end of our 2 days session, he got out of the car and left me alone driving around the course.

The only thing between me and that road anxiety attacks is wasta that driving test which I am delaying as much as possible >:p Ugh.

Breakfast party was the theme on the 3rd day of Eid. I was forced to wake up at an ungodly hour of 7 a.m to prepare for a 9 a.m party.
But I realized, after my second helpings of ham, eggs, beans and croissants drowned by orange juice, it was all worth it.
The breakfast party was at my company director's house and I have to say it's exciting when you're eating ham and eggs on a 9 a.m. with the big people around you. If only they knew that I work for them. Hahaha. Kidding.

I went and zonked out straight to bed after we ended the breakfast party. Later on I found myself gobbling on Papa John's pizza and garlic sticks at my aunts house while talking animatedly with my favorite cousin in the whole wide world. I wouldn't be surprised if Wataniya will slap me lots of trailing zeros on my bill as I've done a lot of wailing long distance this month. Ugh. Big hug to my cousin and her partner though for being their usual blunt reassuring self.

Last and 4th day of Eid was the unwinding time. We woke up very late and had Aaron come over for his very first shopping spree. We got him a new walker. This kid is already walking on his 5th month. We are in awe on this truly amazing gift from the one above.

Tragedies are going on around the world and celebrations such as this should make us realize that we have to take what we can out of life and enjoy it to the fullest. Everyday should be celebrated even without a reason. One self should be surrounded with family and friends at all times. Pains and sufferings are constant like change and the only way it can be somehow be alleviated is when a person is encased with understanding and love to and from the world.

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