Balto Baby

4:42 PM

You have had a good journey. It's time for me to let you go.

Three years ago, I rebuffed the idea of you living with us. You see the last time I had a dog was way back 3rd grade. He was a mongrel who followed my grandma home and we named him Tagpi. I loved that dog so much but not as much as I love you. One day my cousin took fancy of him brought him at their house and next thing we knew, he was slaughtered to be my uncle's scrumptious pulutan. That scarred me to life that I swore I'll never have any pets again.

Then you came. You came when the sky was dark and situation here in Kuwait was bleak. For awhile you were the only one I get to talk to. We take long walks together and you witnessed even surpassed my futile attempts to romance. Now I am confining myself to the treadmill as I can't bear walking around that neighborhood without contemplating arson.
You brought with you joy and unconditional love free for all of us. In return you were spoiled to death. My mother would rather buy your toys than my kikay kits. The old man would take you to the most expensive vet clinic for your grooming and all of us will have to endure mom's scissor hands.
You're a delight whenever people come to visit. You don't growl nor bark at them instead you lie down and open your legs hoping for a belly rub from a stranger. It's either a belly rub or you hump their legs right?
I will miss the way you look all guilty when you've done something wrong. Such as taking home stinking fish or sheep heads that makes all of us crazy with madness and contemplated giving you away.
I will miss your reassuring presence. You know when and who is in trouble because you stay on their heels and even sleep with them until the coast clears. Yes Balto, we noticed how you took care of us. Like when mom got sick and needed the surgery you never left her side for 3 days and would growl and anyone who attempts to touch her.

We knew when Aaron came along, you got a little jealous at first but you got over it. You were even sleeping beneath his crib and standing up once in awhile to see if he's okay.
We love you Balto. You were the old people's pride and joy.
When you got sick they got sick with worry too. Insomnia and occasional burst of tears while walking daze and worried commanded our days. Then you came back but you weren't right anymore. You got sick and we would like to believe we've done everything that we can. There were what if's like everything else but you've succumbed to pain and death. We can only hope and pray that you are happy in dog's heaven now.
We will all miss you. We will miss your thick warm fur, your reassuring presence, your sensitivity and the change and acts of love you bring to our family. We will miss you so bad.

Goodbye Balto. You were aptly named. You're our very own hero. There will never be anyone like you.

May you now rest in peace forever.


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