Are You Guys Ready For Eid?

1:50 PM

I'm pretty sure everyone is. Evidence to that is the shutting down of ATM machines all over Kuwait last night as everything and I mean all, ran out of money. Panic buying anyone?

Eid is the end of the month long fasting that is Ramadan. Rumor has it that it will fall this Saturday, October 13, until Monday.

This year's eid holiday seems pretty short compared to past years 10 days or so vacation. But hey i'm not complaining as in this year alone we have been granted almost 28 days of public holidays.

Since we knew Ramadan is all about cleansing and fasting, what do we know about Eid beside binge eating and shopping?

According to my "source", it's just a celebration that they have finished Ramadan. No brainer there.

The last 10 flurry days before Eid is done with loads of prayers and family gatherings as it's also a celebration of a prophet's birthday in the Shiaa sect.

What are your plans?

What are my plans?

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