And Just When I Thought The Drama Ended

3:36 AM

I get the finale.

Balto died tonight.

He finally succumb to death.

Our baby died because some asshole was evil enough to poison him. I am not a bad person but right now I am sending evil vibes to whoever did this to him and could only wish he'll suffer the same fate. Grief is my excuse.

He died horribly. Nobody is supposed to die alone and in pain like he did.

I found him after work, lying in his own pool of blood. Blood smears were everywhere. From the stairs to the kitchen to the front door. It looks like he was struggling in so much pain and looking for help. It was horrible. It was heart breaking.

I broke down beside him and sobbing I'm sorry. I'm so full of guilt and what ifs.

They tried to be clinical to me. They tried to explain to me that there was nothing we could do about it. We have done everything we could but like human, once the liver failed unless he gets a dialysis and a transplant he's good as gone. They tried to offer me other dogs. Bastards. He's part of our family and you can't tell someone who just lost a love one that it's replaceable.

I called the hospital so many times because he can't be taken in until there's an approval from his doctor. The doctor was in surgery for 2 hours before I got hold of him. I called the International Vet Clinic but I was told they don't bury or cremate dogs unless it died on their clinic. Burying him somewhere in the desert doesn't seem right. In fact it's unfathomable. We then decided to keep him at home, where he will be surruonded with love and flowers.

Where he always belong.

Goodbye Balto. You will always be remembered. You're the greatest and we love you so much. We can only hope that in dog's heaven you don't feel the pain anymore. Thank you for making our lives beautiful. You're the best.

Rest in peace baby.

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