And He's Back!

5:06 PM

Balto was returned to us by a a neighbouring Kuwaiti man over the weekend. According to him, his kids picked Balto near the highway and kept him at their other house for a week. The Kuwaiti man only found out that day and immediately returned Balto to us.

His expensive Citadel collar was gone but we don't care. The important thing is Balto is back. He lost a lot of weight and his fur was coarse and yellowy even after we shampooed him 3 times.

At first he threw us his accusing stare and wouldn't go near us. He kep running around the house and sniffing all the furnitures. We let him get accustomed to his surroundings and eventually he settled on the couch looking intently at us the whole night.

The old people was so happy. In our happiness we ignored the fact that our carpets will be fur full again and that the house will not smell clean and fresh again. We don't care because he's back and that's all that matters.

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