That Diamond Show '06

3:57 PM

More than a year ago, I got involved with fashion, beauty and helluva expensive diamonds.

The Diamond show hosted by Ricky Laxa of Friday Times was held at the second floor ballroom of that famously "adidas" building in Kuwait City. The term adidas was pertaining to the sports store on the ground floor.

The show aims to promote and advertise 2 things: the expansion of expensive diamonds in Kuwait and the couture gowns of Nohad - a Lebanese designer based here.

There were gown fittings and there were photoshoots for the magazines and newspapers before the actual night.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of diamonds were worn by the models and paraded in front of gaping guests.

Ricky Laxa and his opening speech.

Opening performance was don on what else but "Diamonds Are A Girls Bestfriend" ballet dance.

There were 3 sets of gowns and with it comes 3 set of diamond encrusted jewelries per model.

Models came from all over the world. It almost looked like United Nation fashion show.

The Egyptian

The British

The Ukranian

The French

I think she was American

There were Moroccans, Afrikaans and couple more high school kids from here

And last but not the list the 3 Filipinas :)

The photos was taken by a very amateur OFW Kuwait Mafia and I think he got very enamoured with a particular model thus his inability to capture decent shots.

Lets talk vague facts:

If you want and can afford diamonds, go to Kuwait City second floor of that Adidas building. The building is beside or behind Sheraton Hotel. The building may look nondescript for housing such expensive jewelries but I kid you not when I say they're so expensive the models were allowed to wear them but not touch them. Each jewelry got it's own personal handlers who follows the models around.

If you want couture gowns go to Nohad Atelier in Baghdad street Salmiya right in front of La Baguette. Nohad is very chica and her designs are innovative you won't be disappointed. Her shop is very comfortable bordering on luxurious too.

If you want to build up a portfolio of your photos or someone else go to Royal Image Studio at ground floor of Tala Center, Salem Mubarak St. Salmiya. Please take note that they did not took the photos above.

If you're attending an event and doesn't have your personal hair and make up person with you, run to Tulay Beauty Center at Gulf Road. They specialize in almost everything. Everything about hair management and style, face pampering and make up, body treatments and clean up, and last but not the least let's not forget the nails.

If you want to have a show but got no time to organize it, call Ricky Laxa. You can find him at Friday times newspaper office. He's I think a lifestyle contributor there and an event organizer. He was the man behind the Gandang OFW 07, the Christmas Singing Contest, The Fitness Professional event and a lot more.

This post is solely dedicated to that crazy girl the year before. And no, her photo was not included above.

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