Some of The Things I Love About Ramadan In Kuwait

5:29 PM

  1. The scene of people giving away food and money from their cars to less fortunate people on the streets.
  2. 2 hour less working time.
  3. A somewhat quiet and subdued country by day. Literally no car after the rush hour and weekends. I feel like cruising around this country appreciating the wide paved road and the greeneries, feeling the crisp clean wind on my face. Ha.ha.
  4. I'm not sure if it's just me, but I notice that people are nicer and kinder with each other during these days. Some said locals will be in a disgruntled mood due to lack of food but I disagree. My neighbours who usually ignores people are walking around the block chit chatting with others.
  5. The laid back mellow music. If I'm answering a meme about my kind of sounds, I'll tell everyone to listen to 99.70, everything they're playing since Ramadan started is my kind of music. I'm a 90's kid, what can I say. I prefer lyrics that I can actually understand and relate. Not those screaming sexist profanities that they usually play on normal days. I have to admit that my bouts of good mood these days are due to relaxing good music.

I am not gifted with musical talent, heck the GreatOne snickers at my attempt to sing because for the life of me I cannot memorize the lyrics of a song. Any song. I can mimic, I can chant and once in awhile I try to wrestle the karaoke microphone but I can't sing nor tell you a title of a song or a name of an artist to save my life.

Therefore, when I say good music, I meant sounds that transports me to my happy place. Right now, the stuff they're playing are the hit songs during my school days. I love my school days. Therefore, for the whole month of Ramadan, I will be in my happy place.

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