So What Do You DO When Presented With A 2 Sucky Weekends?

4:41 PM

If you're not having a sucky weekend then stop here. I will not be responsible to the headache or whatever nasy reactions you might get from the prescriptions below.

  1. You get sick. You leave work early, ran to your aunt's house and eat real food. Not the oily, soggy ones you cook for yourself. But the hot real Filipino meals that can only be found at their house.
  2. Wear different kind of high heeled shoes everyday as an attempt to cheer up the drama queen in you. Only to realize you need to have a pedicure badly because it's just not acceptable to wear open toe shoes w/ a pedicure less toes.
  3. Avoid the internet. Internet surfing will make you bawl like a baby. Avoid it at all cost.
  4. Get a comforter, a pillow and camp on the living room couch the whole weekend. Your excuse is the flu. You're remedy is flipping through channels of not only 1 cable network but 2. Showtime and Orbit will rock your world.
  5. Shopping. Not for yourself because it will only cause you guilt. To feel benevolent and nice you have to shop for other people. It's a good thing Kuwait is in a sale frenzy. You actually got your siblings and cousins stuff which you plan to take on your next vacation w/o leaving you dirt poor for the month.
  6. Apply for leave. You know you just got back but the need for a change of scenery is assaulting you like crazy. You apply and make plans with friends in Dubai for Eid. Yes Eid, because you work in a company that let's you know whens the holiday a year before it's due.
  7. Look out for cheap flights. Al Jazeera airways once showed you a 22KD flight to Dubai on the days you wanted. Sad thing is you made the mistake of second thoughts that the price doubled the second time you checked. The travel bug made it's graceful exit now that the real flu bug bit you.
  8. Read as much as you can about bank time deposits. Yes, plan your retirement funds. It's never too early, only too late to do this thing. Plus, minus, divide and multiply everything you got. Only to suffer the heart breaking truth that by the time you get to have that dream house, dream car and dream incentives such as bi-yearly out of the country vacations, you will be so old you can't even leave the dream house.
  9. Cook and Bake. You will never be Martha Stewart nor that cute Rachael Ray but you didn't drop dead when you eat your first self made meal. Give credit to the recipes you printed out online but the hard stuff was purely done by you. After all, you did not exactly toss in a tablespoon of salt, you also put in your favorite Kikoman soy sauce in it. That chicken noodle soup was divine, that arroz caldo was perfect (although you used brown rice, technically you're not eating rice, you're eating porridge - ha!), that adobo was also heaven. Your office mates dig your Betty Crocker sugar cookies. Too bad you didn't know until too late that meat marinated for over a week get spoiled.
  10. Watch Grey's Anatomy season 3. You know you've seen it before but since the first one was a really crappy copies, you shelled out hard earned money for another dose of drama. Never expecting that instead of making you feel good, too much crying and eating burritos in front of the tube will make you sick. Literally sick.
  11. Wish for your mother to come home. Even if she doesn't give you a hot bath, at least she shoos you off to the tub with instructions on how much bath salts and what scented oil to put in.
  12. Annihilate TheGreatOne's attention by being a nasty baby. Only to look at your mobile phone every minute of the hour to see if there's message from beyond. When there's none, call your best friend overseas for 2 hours. It will make you feel good to finally have a conversation with someone you can relate too but it won't last long. Especially if your phone bills arrives.
  13. Walk. Walking heals the soul as they say. Walking also helps you to loose a gram of the loads of food you ate just because you're proud you made them. Walking will help you think. Avoid walking and stay on the couch on dusty days though. Like yesterday, and today, maybe tomorrow.
  14. Call TheGreatOne and babble on how the world is out to get you. Later realizing that it's not really what you want to say. All you want to say is why on the first sucky week, TheGreatOne did not bestowe you a miniscule text. And then feel sorry for yourself once again.
  15. Stop being so darn antisocial. Learn how to smile instead of frown in front of your computer. Never mind that you'll feel silly, at least no one will tell you to get your eyes checked (which you did on the first sucky week). Get that prize you won from Kuwait Style Contest a month ago.

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