Please Help Us Find Balto :(

5:29 AM

We lost Balto again. My mother's baby is out there somewhere probably scared and mad at us for allowing this to happen. For letting him get lost out in the arid land.

For more than couple of years we lived in this area, he was potty trained to do it outside. At first we were very apprehensive on letting him out as the high way is only on the next block. But after walking with him with leash and later on without the leash he became adept to the surroundings and he even became friends with the neighbors.

You were such a good dog Balto, never getting lost, never getting in trouble aside from the occasional sheep heads you sneak into the house.

Only once did we lost you. Remember when we first moved in, you ran out and never came back for 3 days. Apparently somebody picked him up and brought him to International Clinic to be euthanized. I remembered mom crying a lot for those 3 days you've gone AWOL. I remembered the four of us walking around in daze hoping for news until we were informed by PAWS that a dog your description was picked up and was at the clinic. They called you Snow White then remember? Snow White because of your white soft thick fur that everyone loves. Even the carpets around the house seemed to be delighted with it.

I feel so guilty because earlier on the way to the gym I saw an old grooming receipt and there were other prices there about other services too such as Euthanasia. Balto, believe me when I say that I was only joking when I told the old ones they can get rid of you for only 12 KD. Believe me when I say that the old man was only joking when he said he approved of the term "play dead" when I was giving you McDo burger for lunch, you know it's our routine to make you sit first before giving you food.

I hope you did not chase kids again and made someone very mad enough to want to hurt you. I hope and pray that a good Samaritan picked you up and deposited you to the good care of PAWS or the International Veterinary Clinic where we can pick you up and get us reunited again.

I'm sorry Balto I did not get out of the car when the old man told me to. I thought you were too far gone by then and I was wearing mini skirt that is hardly conducive for running. I was also mad at the botherbrother for being a smart ass on why you got out of the house tonight when we specifically told you not to. I'm so sorry. Please come back. Spiritual seer of the dogs, if there is one, please give us signs aside from this sickening foreboding of Balto's whereabouts.

To the people out there in Kuwait, if you have seen a Japanese Spitz fully matured dog (about 12 to 18 dog years) with a semi thick white fur (we just got him groomed), a small white dot on his nose and a leather encrusted with round Citadel silver slogan around it, please please have pity and inform me or turn him in at PAWS and we'll take it from there.

Please-please-please he's the old people's pride and joy. He saved our sanity not only once but every waking moment here in Kuwait. Please-please-please have a look out for him. He's very gentle and playful, his only fault is that he's so gentle he approaches almost anyone who beckons for him. All our neighbours children knows and plays with him. Their parents buys him treats and sometimes have their morning exercise walk with him.
Please. Thank you.

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