Kei OK!

4:02 PM

Warning: This post might make you hungry.

Last weekend, a group of Kuwait Pinoy Mafia decided to take pity on me and accompany moi for a very early dinner.

I suggested we go to the city as I was planning to get the most coveted prized I won from Kuwait Style contest .

The place was still closed and while touring the whole complex and saying oohhh and aaahhhss on all designer stuffs,we got hungry.

Somebody was in the mood for Japanese food and suggested the Kei Japanese Restaurant at JW Marriot adjacent to Salhiya Complex where we are in.

The place have bamboo designs and waterfalls which in my opinion gave a quiet detached from the world ambiance.
The modulate lighting, soft music and almost empty place gives it a more relax feel.
The price of their food is not for the faint hearted and budget conscious. Although it's just about right with the market rate all over Kuwait considering it is after all, Japanese food.
Funny thing about this restaurant is that we have not seen any Japanese crew. Absolutely everyone was Filipino. Even the cook was Pinoy.
He's so cool he made it a point to show off his skills. He was like "are you ready to take your shots now" to all of us, his eager and in awe audiences.
Sitting there and watching him do his stuff with the foods can be liken to watching a very good disney cartoon movie. Surreal and mouth watering was the word.
His preparing the mixtures for our fried rice. Yum!
Egg, vegetables and meat
are mixed with the rice. Equals drooling saliva.
It's like sheer torture waiting for it all to get cooked. Not only once was I tempted to grab a piece direct from the hot surface.
Good thing we ordered Maki for starters. Delicious Maki.
We ordered Teppanyaki and it's served with green salad and miso soup. All of which was absolutely divine.

The main course.
The Pinoy chef regaling us with his work experiences and kitchen bloopers.
I think he did it because he took pity on our hungry faces.

Food! Glorious food!
Teppanyaki Seafood

includes lobsters.
And the very safe yet absolutely delicious
Teppanyaki combination lunch which consists of seafood, beef and chicken.

After our plates were set in front of us, we spent the next 5 minutes in silence, broken by occasional grunting. That's how good the food was. When we felt like our stomach can't bear a morsel more, that's when we started sharing. Haha.

Kei Restaurant at JW Marriot in Kuwait City is a good place with good food. I am rating the food a 5 as the highest - my stomach can attest to how good the food was. The price a 4 - like I said, not for the faint hearted budget concious people. The place a 4 because of the vicinity - far from my house :P

And oh yeah. After dinner - which took a long time than usual coz we wanted to savour the moment - we were so scared of getting stuck in traffic, we head on home without my prize ( I forgot) :( Next time Zahra! I hope it's still there though :)

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