G/Qurgean Tonight! Are You Ready?

2:18 PM

Are you ready for trick or treat Qurgean (pronounced Gurqean) tonight?

Are you ready for the mass of children knocking at your door saying something gibberish (well gibberish for me coz I can't understand Arabic) and offering up their bags for loots?

Well you should be coz tonight they will surely come.

I had no idea what they wanted from me the first year I opened the door and they shoved the bags right in my face. After sometime, they probably realized that I'm dumber than I look so they gave up and ran away leaving me flabbergasted.

On my second year I already had the vague idea of what those children want. Chocolates and candies! I asked around see and was told that it's just like trick or treat on Halloween. Apparently I was not prepared enough. My inability to decipher one kid from another made me a victim of redundant tricky kids. Oh well.

Since I already know what to do this year, I asked my friend Fatma on the reason or spirit behind the celebration. She gave me a couple: for the Shiites it means a birthday celebration of one of their prophets and for the Sunnis it's just a celebration of giving the children gifts, candies and fun.

Loaded with candies and information I am bravely saying this to all of you children out there:


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