Glee and Teehee

4:49 PM

If you've been reading my blog you'd know that I'm usually a gloomy pessimist kid. Although I liked alienating, there are times that the world surprises me with innane things I heart dearly.

  1. Waking up feeling restful and actually ready to get up to the tune of "Walking on Sunshine" by Jump 5.
  2. Early ride with Mr. P on a clear breezy day and being crooned by Usher's old school "Burn".
  3. The 2 year old Mr. P's laughter after saying "wow, pretty clouds". The clouds were indeed pretty. Clouds in Kuwait are a rarity. I love clouds. I heart Mr. P.
  4. Good weather. Good Philippines like weather. Thirty freaking six degrees at 8 a.m is a way to start a good day.
  5. Estrada's guilty verdict. It's about time they decide on something. It's been too darn long, too many taxes and time wasted.
  6. Knowing that I'll only be working for 6 hours everyday for a whole month is a treat.
  7. Old flame declaring sparks makes me feel good, beautiful and wanted.
  8. TheGreatOne's sturdy reassurance makes me feel safe and secured.
  9. Approval for the Eid leave vacations.
  10. My 100th post of manic raving in this blog. Sad, satirical, mundane posts that I absolutely love.

My world may be gloomy and lonely but it doesn't mean that I don't notice small things that makes me happy. It's usually the small things that can give a peaceful smile on my face. My childish pleasures makes me sigh with glee. Yes, in my unguarded moments, I am a happy child.

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