The Bitter Pill

6:26 PM

When TheGreatOne and I finally got our bearings and got to talking, I was given the prescription to go back and renew my internet love affair. I was diagnosed with having no real social life, thus the reel internet.

I digress.

I do have a real social life in this arid country they call Kuwait. A couple of weeks ago I watched a movie with a friend and laughed our ass out over how they translated the psychotic "Mr. Brooks" dialogue, from scary to funny to down right ridiculous. Last week, I with another friend watched another movie called "The Bourne Ultimatum". It was a good movie although there's no funny punch line, I laud how good it was made because I've actually seen the first 2 movies of Bourne. I had an early dinner with local co-workers at City Center because they said it is there where the best and huge pasta serving is available. I was supposed to watch Gandang OFW Kuwait 07 with a couple of Pakistani and Afghanistan friends as I wanted them to feel the Pinoy spirit but unfortunately, they had an accident on the way to my house which left them stressed out and me ride less so I stayed at home and watched TFC.

TheOldOne is right though. I don't have real friends. I got friends from work, friends that I met on the road, family friends, I even got a movie buddy but what I don't have is a friend who actually knew me. Who I can actually say my piece without straining the words and content. Who can do sleep overs and do random impulsive outings, such as flying out to Dubai, because my parents were not able to deliver the promised Pink Concert . Who would binge eat and binge shop with me. Who, I can moan about every silly thing the world has done to me without having to pay KD's to wataniya. TheOldOne is right when assuming I don't have my people out here.

My people are my comfort zone. Although I am used to traveling and living on my own, there comes a time that I crave for those familiar faces and antics. With them, I am comfortable in my own skin.

That being said, I miss you guys.With these thoughts in mind, I leave you a live performance of my favorite song from my very good friend Grannie.

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