Balto The Pompous Dog

Please Help Us Find Balto :(

5:29 AM
Kuwait OFW

G/Qurgean Tonight! Are You Ready?

2:18 PM
Kuwait Filipino Mafia

That Diamond Show '06

3:57 PM

Kei OK!

4:02 PM
Living Loving Kuwait

Some of The Things I Love About Ramadan In Kuwait

5:29 PM
Dry Humor

Glee and Teehee

4:49 PM
Kuwait OFW

Ramadan Kareem Kuwait

4:10 PM
Forwarded Emails

Where I Was And Other Weird 911 "Facts"

2:31 PM
Rants and Raves

The Bitter Pill

6:26 PM
Up Close and Personal

So What Do You DO When Presented With A 2 Sucky Weekends?

4:41 PM

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