Visa Upon Arrival For Filipinos In Kuwait

4:26 PM

Truth or Myth? Apparently it's a little of both.

Kuwait is in a process of trying to ease the rules on commercial, family and tourist visa applications for all nationals in what they hope as a way to open Kuwait to the world. This of course met a lot of criticism as not all wants their country to be like Dubai, but for now that is the plan.

On Arab Times last week which I also found on Rieaane's blog , Filipinos are one of the 5 nationalities that is now eligible for visit visa upon arrival here in Kuwait. In a nutshell, as long as you have a passport and a 2 way ticket, you can now get in Kuwait just like the Westerners. All you have to do upon arrival is take a number on the visa section at the airport, fill out some forms and walah! You can now go gallivanting around Kuwait for 3 months.

But hold your horses for a moment as the Philippine Administrative Officer Tomara Ayo commented at Kuwait Times :

"That is good news for us. But up to this moment, we cannot
verify the accuracy of this decision as we have yet to receive a written
official statement from the immigration authorities here.

He advised Filipinos to refrain from relying on the
authenticity of the news, as it still required official verification. "I advise
all Filipinos to wait because as of this moment we don't have any written
official statement from the authorities here. As far as I am concerned, we are
still strictly following the old immigration procedures," he

So mga Kabayan, let's hold our horses muna and wait for the official announcement from our Embassy. Immigration rules here in Kuwait change all the time and it's not going to be pretty if tickets are bought only to find out that you are not allowed to get in and will be ushered on the next flight out.

Let's wait until this new rule is all laid out firmly to all. I personally hope that they'll go through with this visa upon arrival so that I can show my friends and family how beautiful living in Kuwait is. Some of them think I'm crazy for wanting to live here.

The visa upon arrival sounds to good to be true but I hope this is one of those that really is true and will remain for a long long time. This will make reunion with families easy (which in my opinion lessens the crime rate), it might also lessen the illegal and highly expensive visa trade that pawns on the needy.

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