Street Fun at Calle Cinco - Davao

2:05 PM

Popularly known as C5.

Old friends together with new found ones decided to chill out and brought me at C5 beside Victoria Plaza, Bajada.

It was almost noon time when we decided to move our derriere; we stopped over at Pancake house for lunch where I discovered Grannie's power of persuasion. She stops all waiters and even diners just to take our photos. I was about to keel over and die of shame but decided to be a good sport and smile to the camera! Haha.

C5 Wood Beam Cieling

Cross breed carvings of a mouse and a lion of some sorts.

Grannie with the radio DJ.

Red Horse beer is good. Too good in fact that we ordered buckets of them and ended up not finishing them all up. See, only three out of 5 of us drinks, so to consume a dozen of them sinful Red Horse between 2 pm to 7 doesn't bode success.

Red Horse Beer Stallion is best served cold. Bottoms up!

We also consumed the usual Sisig and we crossed the streets for some McDonalds. Yes, we ate McDo while guzzling beer.

The almost gone sisig

Good friends, good ambiance, good food and great beer made us deliriously sleepy.

I had a good sleep that night.

Couple of days later, my best friend Jane surprised me by hopping on a last trip from GenSan to Davao. Since she got in very late, almost midnight, we decided to go back to C5, because they're open until 3, for some RandR and a good cuppa after feeding her with Davao's best street foods.

They took time to give us our order but it was all good.

I may guilty of a lot of things and if memory serves me right, this one isn't on my guilt list. I've never purposely went out to get buzzed until the wee hours of the morning still on my uniform.

The stigma of looking cool because you're wearing a uniform of the biggest university in the city doesn't apply to wearing it while drinking on some hip pub.

Life is good.

Calle Cinco have 2 venues. One is beside Victoria Plaza Bajada where you can play the piano and sometimes listen to live local performer. The other one is conveniently enough, beside Ateneo de Davao!, it's along Roxas Avenue, bigger than the one in Bajada which means more rowdycrowdy.

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