Retake on Malu Fernandes

2:48 AM

Some say she commited suicide but I read another article of hers from the same paper company she worked with so I'm guessing she wasn't fired nor dead.

While blog hopping I found this that cracked me up and say "my thoughts exactly":

Filipinos -- and yes, this is a conscious generalization -- are up in arms
over an article that a certain Malu Fernandez wrote for People Asia and Manila Standard Today. Bryanboy gives a good chronicle of the turn of events here. While Bloggers have so well documented their criticisms -- that she's pretentious, a wannabe writer, a disgrace, etc., and rightly so if I may add, it is these excerpts that I can't get over with:

My BFF (best friend forever) and oldest friend Samantha Eduque got me into Jo Malone and I haven’t stopped buying his scents.and this:
The Philippines has a great number of colognes and perfumes
in the market, from Chanel, Anick Goutal, Sarah Jessica Parker’s celebrity scent, Mark Jacob’s designer fragrance to Inno Sotto’s new perfume. Iha, Jo Malone is a SHE. And it's Annick Goutal. And it's Marc Jacobs, NOT Mark Jacob.
Faaaack! If she's audacious enough to sit on a high horse and be all "nouveau riche," she might as well be audacious enough to know her brands. While reading through the article, which was peppered with ellipses and whining and grade school-type storytelling, only one thing was on my mind: how the f*%ck did her written diarrhea end up in a supposedly tasteful, glossy mag, and a (formerly?) respectable newspaper? What kind of standards do the publications' respective
editors have?Granted, a publication should offer different voices and opinions, but do they have to include such articles, which frankly, do not offer any value OR humor AND wit, as she offered in her
follow-up story? The article on Boracay and Greece can be hardly considered a
travelogue. And if that was humor and wit, I would gladly declare that I'm a bore and I've no sense of humor.I can't say it any other way, except, "Kadiri sya." Truly.

Also watch this very nasty-I-can't-believe-I'm-posting-this-ridiculing-her-clip.

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