Pretty Psychotic Reunion

1:27 PM

During my visit to Davao City , where I gave a good 4 years of my life, I met up with these pretty psychotic ladies.
They're psychotic based on a whole lot of reasons but mainly because they were my friends and classmates back in college where we used to be wide eyed innocent psychology students who believed that we will be the next greatest mental care provider in the world. Ha! Later on we realized we needed to have our head check for having such notion.

After 3 years of not seeing each other, a lot of things have changed from career to outlook in life but only a couple hasn't. Our degenerative "lateness" disease and our love for calories.

We spent a good couple of hours at SM Mall of Davao's Blugre Cafe (A dabawenyo version of starbucks) and took a lot of photos of ourselves. Believe it or not we had fun snapping photos and even recruited help from other shoppers when camera timer proved to be not apt to the job.
Hours of catching up non stop is bound to get us hungry. We went around the mall, agreed on pizza but wary on breaking up the group we ended up buying red wine.
Red wine and pizza. It just shows how high our level of class is.
One of Davao's best not so kept secret is the Sea Wall. It's a place where people drive to for some quiet fun overlooking the gulf.
Back then it used to have a shady meaning if you say Sea Wall because of the dark corners that enables some people to do some shenanigans, it also doesn't help that it was just at the back of the famous Queensland Motel but now, as we went there to have our dinner, I discovered that it is not the case anymore. Well, almost. I was told that the government made it a park and if I'm expecting a child friendly part I'll have to think again. A tall and huge Adonis like statue swathed in nothing but his birthday clothes and water fountains greeted me by the entrance.
Again apologies to the lack of photos, my pretty camera died on me and these photos here are all swiped from one of the psycho pages.

We ate the whole box of pizza, drunk the whole bottle of wine and swapped gazzillion of stories to update each other for the past 3 years.
The whole night wasn't enough. I think with crazy girlfriends like these nothing will be enough. After all, I spent almost 4 years with them and there is still a lot to know and catch up on with each other.
Right now everyone's got a job and some even went back to school for their masteral. We are all living this grown up independent lifestyle that was thrust upon us after school all reeling from the fact that there was absolutely no subject that should prepare us from real life.

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